Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tips: Unexpected issue in the out-of-box functionality of SharePoint site

One interesting issue !
Suppose just before yesterday you checked that your SharePoint site was working fine, but today you start getting unexpected issue in the out-of-box functionality of SharePoint site( like displaying All Items data, Deleting List Item/Library or Creating View etc.), Then you might thought that without any changes how can the issue arise. Yes you are right, but do you regularly verify the content database size of the site collection. Yes, those unexpected error comes whenever the Content DB has no free space to use. Now it's your task to increase the Content DB size.
I got below error while displaying All Items data for a library.
<---Render Method ----!>
Then I verify the event Viewer where I got the error that TempDB is expecting some space to do the SharePoint transactions(whether displaying data, creating or deleting items etc).
-Samarendra swain

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